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At Embassy, Homewood and Home2, we've got room for all your bags and your baggage. Because when every room is a suite, there's room for that. BRING IT
Art Director:
Erin Stevens

Digital Videos
By showcasing different stories and personalities, we drove home the message: Whoever you are, we have room for whatever you bring.

Social Contest
We were challenged to showcase spacious suites, drive engagement and extend our campaign in the social space. So we created a contest—we filled our suites with awesome stuff, captured it on video and challenged people to “screenshot to win.” This project was incredibly scrappy (yep, that’s my hand) and also incredibly successful.

Don’t just shoot video. Capture and create as much content as possible.

Photo Library
Seriously, capture ALL the content.

Room Tour
A room tour is pretty standard, but we added a little personality.