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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
Southwest does things very differently than other airlines. Our philosophy is called Transfarency. It means: Low fares. No hidden fees. And that’s what the work’s all about, whether we’re putting our money where our mouth is on Twitter, or letting people know about our fair policies and many destinations on TV and digital video.

Point Hoarders
We created a digital video and social assets to encourage travelers to actually use the points they earned.

Fees Don't Fly Day
Nobody should pay fees, on ANY airline. We used social listening and responses featuring real employees to surprise and delight travelers (and hopefully turn them into Southwest fliers.)

Transfarency - Rapid Rewards
What will you do with the money you saved on fees?

Transfarency - International Destinations
We used a classic song and some brave employees to showcase the many places we fly.

Hello Dallas - Bags Fly Free
No fees means more style.