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Don’t just tea. Teavana.
One sip of Teavana Craft Iced Tea turns your whole world more vibrant. And now, that vibrancy, that umph, that extra je ne sais quoi can be unleashed anywhere, everywhere... simply by opening a bottle. Art Director: Erin Stevens

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Teavana Brand Relaunch (2018)
After Teavana closed its retail stores, we helped the brand relaunch with
two new products and two sister campaigns. We created 80+ assets including videos, GIFs, stills and a site. This is just a sampling.

Teavana Hot Tea Sachets
Teavana’s newest product is all about the experience:
Layers of flavors, building and combining into a full, sensory moment.

When the old storefronts closed, so did the old site. We reinvented a new one
with bold colors, parallax scrolling and lots of product love.


Teavana Craft Iced Tea
To introduce Teavana in this new category, we created social content under three buckets: Flavor, expertise (we showcased real Teavana experts) and lifestyle.