Heather Apple
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A vibrant tea needs an equally vibrant brand.
After Teavana closed its retail stores, we helped it relaunch with
two new products and two sister campaigns. So far, we’ve created 80+ assets including videos, GIFs, stills and a site. This is just a sampling.

Teavana Hot Tea Sachets
Teavana’s newest product is all about the experience:
Layers of flavors, building and combining into a full, sensory moment.

When the old storefronts closed, so did the old site. We reinvented a new one
with bold colors, parallax scrolling and lots of product love.


Teavana Craft Iced Tea
To introduce Teavana in this new category, we created social content under three buckets: Flavor, expertise (we showcased real Teavana experts) and lifestyle.